Below is the skinny on buying an event boat. Rick Rothenbuhler of DieballSailing has offered to coordinate purchases.  Send Rick a note if you are interested.  You can work with any dealer you want.


Original email from Gordon Capaccio:

Hi District 19,

I wanted to make you aware of a tremendous opportunity to add boats to your District 19 fleets. As you probably already know this year the Laser World Championships and Masters World Championships will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. LaserPerformance will be providing 180 boats to the event for the competitors. These boats will be available for sale through our dealer network after the event at aggressive pricing. This will create a golden opportunity for your District 19 Laser sailors to get an event boat at an aggressive price. The boats will be shipping from Halifax to dealers on September 5th. These boats represent a great opportunity for Laser Sailors to upgrade their old boat or get into their local fleet at a great price. All of these boats include a Seitech dolly.

Let me know how I can help you get the word out about this opportunity to get aggressively priced Lasers. Please let me know if you need any more information. Best regards, Gordon


Details on pricing:

MSRP will be $4959. The boats will be used for both the Laser Worlds and the Master's Worlds. The sail and blades will only be used for the Laser Worlds as the Master's event is hull and spar charter only. All boats come with a Seitech dolly. In addition we have a Laser Worlds program so everyone who buys and takes delivery of a boat between now and December 31. 2009 gets a choice of either a Hyde full/radial sail or hull and deck cover. If you purchase and take delivery prior to October 31, 2009 we will give you a blade bag as well. So here is how it breaks down, assuming you buy before 10/31/2009.


Option A:

Laser Race MSRP= $5480

Seitech Dolly MSRP= $425

Hyde full (or Radial) sail- MSRP= $650

Blade Bag MSRP= $120

Total package Value/MSRP= $6675 (savings of $1716 or 26%)


Or Option B:

Laser Race MSRP= $5480

Seitech Dolly MSRP= $425

Hull cover & deck cover MSRP= $241+$236= $477

Blade Bag= $120

Total package Value/MSRP= $6502 (savings of $1543 or 24%)


These prices do not include freight, taxes registration etc. Let me know if you have any questions. The prices I have quoted you are the suggested retail for each item. If you have a great relationship with your local dealer you may be able to do a bit better depending on volume.

Best regards, Gordon