Please read the below announcement from our past D19 Secretary Sean Fidler.  Big Thanks to Sean for all his work in keeping District 19 going!!!
Any organization takes a lot of work to run.  My hope in taking this on is that each of you, especially you "fleet captains" / local organizers, will share some of the load.  For example last year many of you posted regatta notices on the website.  I would ask that you do this again and more of you do the same.  Also update info on your local fleet and add content to keep the site fresh.  Use it as a tool to build your local sailing as well as regatta notices.  So go to and sign up!  Create some articles.  Those more adventurous can be given more authority on the site to add/change in more areas.  Let me know if your interested.

Fleet Building - What better time to build Laser sailing than in our current economic state?  The Laser is a low cost way to get a wide range of great sailing.  Between the cost of the boat to traveling to local regattas that allow camping you can get a lot of bang for your sailing buck!  So lets all work on getting our local fleets sailing more and see who else we can attract.
Join the International Laser Class Association.  For only $40 per year you get a great publication and are part of the biggest adult and youth one design class in the world.  As you are building you local fleet make everyone aware of how to join. 

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Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 7:08 PM
Subject: Please welcome our new Laser District 19 Secretary for 2009

I would like to announce Ken Swetka as the new Secretary for Laser District 19 (Michigan)!  I am guessing that most of you already know Ken fairly well.  If you do not, Ken is a great guy and is about as active in the Laser class as anyone I know right now at the moment.  Ken has recently been responsible for:

1) Our new content management driven website (which allows anyone to can add, edit, delete their own content)
2) Hosting our website for at least the last year or so at his expense
3) Organizing a bunch of laser activity (and many other classes) out of Detroit's Crescent Sail Yacht Club and within our area for many years. 

Ken is also extremely fast and fun to race with/against :-)!

I have become increasingly busy with my company and do not have the availability I have had in recent years.  After 4 years it is clearly time to take advantage of Kens growing energy and pass the torch.  It was rewarding and fun being a part of all the great Laser regatta's that have been held in Michigan during this time.  I am certain that bigger and better Laser events are in our future with Ken driving for them!