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Day 1 prelim
Written by Ken
Saturday, 13 June 2009 16:53
I got up early to drive in the rain. Arrived with perfect timing to rig and attend the skippers meeting. But one small issue. No wind. Postponement. The good news is that I got a nice 30 minute nap in the van while it rained.
We had to be towed out and it looked promising. All day it looked promising. There was wind to the NW but it never fully materialized. It would come in at 3 to 4 kts then go away. All the time you could see wind to the NW. If we could have moved the race course about 6 miles it would have been better.

Race 1 was heavily favored at the pin. I had my usual awful start and was tacking for the pin and dodging boats. I had a flashback to last years D19 Championship at this club. I took a chance and went hard left. I went from near dfl to about 8th (35 boats). Had a little issue at the weather mark but our "Yachtee Karate" sessions over the winter made me confident I was correct. The course was once around, W-L. I ended up about 9th.

Second race had a general recall first. They finally squared up the line and we had a pretty fair start considering the conditions. My original plan was to go right middle but as I looked to weather after the start I saw a big boat beating with a lefty. It did end up being the correct side but I was still about top ten at the weather mark. Downwind there was pressure on one side and I passed some and got passed by some. So I think I was 8th

Why preliminary? I have not looked at any results. I am drinking a beer from my Van Stock watching the boats go by an Macatawa Bay. The sund is finally out and it is just beautiful. I may have to ride my bike to the beach to watch the sunset.


Confused wind forecast...
Written by Ken
Friday, 12 June 2009 15:14
OK...I'm trying to stay focused on work but I can't help looking at the
wind forecasts. I am seeing everything from 5 to 15 from reputable
sources! Who is right? I'd be pretty happy with 8 to 10 with some kind
of leftover lump... Actually to help in my ultimate goal for this year
a forecast of 20 with big waves would be best. Then I would switch to
Radial and get in some quality time for the Master's Worlds!!

Next Up is Great Lakes
Written by Ken
Thursday, 11 June 2009 20:59

Next regatta is Great Lakes June 13-14 at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club.  JP is doing a great job putting this regatta together.  To get to the event website click here

My plan is to leave home about 5:30 am Saturday morning.  It is about a 3 hour drive and the skipper's meeting is 9:45.  Should be enough time to get a bit lost and still rig in time.  So far the forecast is under 10 kts from the NNE so I will be doing full rig.  One main goal is to leave early enough Sunday so I can get home in time to chaperone my son's Whirlyball Party.  A bunch of 18 year olds playing Whirlyball could do a lot of damage un-supervised.


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